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Casino Comps

A word about comps (Complimentary Rooms, Meals, etc)

We have so many people to ask "What's the deal with Casino Comps?"

You don't have to be a high roller for comps. Casinos reward their players for their loyalty and play by giving money back, complimentary meals, hotel rooms, and gifts.

(Wow! don't you wish the phone company would do this?)

1st Step
As soon as you arrive at your chosen Casino, check in with the Player's Club Desk to get your Player's Club Card. All you have to do is show ID an give your address. Some Casinos offer specials like free buffets for first time sign ups, so ASK.

2nd Step
Each time you play a slot machine insert your player's card in the slot. Be sure the machine acknowledges it. If you sit there and play for 30 minutes to find out you had the card in upside down or something you will be very disappointed ( I have done this).

The Casino keeps up with different stats to rate your play.

If you are playing the tables give your card to the dealer. Table comps come from pit personnel or Table Casino Host.

Slot comps and table comps are two completely different animals.

Casino Hosts are their to make your stay more enjoyable, so ASK, don't be embarrassed. It is their job!

3rd Step
Okay, Getting Hungry? Time to find a Casino Host or Hostess. Have them check your card to see if you have enough points for a complimentary meal. If you are playing the tables ask Dealer. ( He may direct you to a Host or Hostess). Some casinos you can go to the Player's Club Desk and the nice people behind the counter will give you your comps.

4th Step
Time to go home, end of your visit. Don't leave without checking with a Host or Hostess to see if you can have your room comped or at least reduced to Casino Rate.

5th Step
OH WAIT! Don't leave yet! Stop by the VIP desk or Player's Club desk and ask if you have money coming back on your card from your play. Cool Huh?

You may even have enough points for the GIFT OF THE MONTH! ( I just love to get those just like getting a Birthday present)

Now you are probably on the Casinos mailing list and will get mail from the Casino of upcoming events and offers.

Hope this helps and hope you have a fantastic Casino experience.

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